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Our goal as an academic institution is to provide an education that is rigorous and biblical, preparing students to grow intellectually and spiritually, serve effectively in their professions, and provide God-honoring leadership in the world.

The Office of Academic Affairs, under the guidance of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Academic Affairs Council, oversees all of the academic departments, programs, and faculty at University of Northwestern.

Learn more about Northwestern's Philosophy of Education.

Northwestern's educational central core is steeped in the revealed Word of God. We endeavor to provide a well-rounded education that equips students with a broad understanding of the world God has created.

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Academic Affairs Office 651-631-5201

Christ-centered higher education promotes both knowledge and action. It fosters in students a compelling desire to pursue truth and lifelong learning and to use knowledge and skills for the good of others and, ultimately, for the glory of God.
Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Academic Administration
Our Academic Affairs Council provides leadership and accountability for our departments to ensure we are delivering the caliber of programs our students expect and deserve.
Accreditation Information
Northwestern is an accredited institution, which certifies that high academic standards are being met and recognized across the higher education industry.
Institutional Review Board
Any research that involves human participants must be approved by the institutional review board. Learn more about the process, including requirements and contanct information.
Institutional Animal Care and Use
The IACUC reviews all projects involving animals to ensure that they are justified by their benefits and to minimize any animal pain or suffering that might occur.
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