2014–15 President's Report

From the President

God continually crushes us with His blessings, generosity and grace. As we celebrate the successes of the past year, I’m reminded how University of Northwestern differentiates itself from other institutions by defining success ultimately as glorifying God and advancing His Gospel. Many institutions promise to prepare students for success, but it is often success from the world’s perspective. The success we pursue is of God and for God.

As Northwestern students, faculty and alumni go into the world, into their various fields, we can see how the Lord uses their professional successes to illuminate the greater success, which is the work of Christ in them. 

Our faculty members exhibit a dedication to Christ-centered success as they conduct research and pursue learning with a biblical worldview. We see, for example, professors like Bradley Sickler, Ph.D. Lisanne Winslow, Ph.D. and Walter Schultz, Ph.D. breaking down the perceived barrier between science and faith. The list of UNW professors who are receiving academic acclaim while putting their faith first goes on and on. How valuable it is that our students can learn as much from the faithful example of their professors as they do from the coursework itself. 

We fulfill our purpose and mission as an institution when students take what they learn and make an impact, both professionally and spiritually. Students like Simon Hearne, who earned his Masters of Divinity at Northwestern to be equipped as a corporate missionary, and our women’s volleyball team and men’s basketball team who both made it to the Sweet 16 in their NCAA division tournaments, are great models of pursuing success “for the Lord and not for men.” 

Whether through academic advancements, athletic success or business accolades, the UNW community is set apart from those of other institutions because of our purpose to bring glory to the Creator. As you read their stories and see the successes at University of Northwestern, I hope you will join us in praising God for what He is doing. 

Alan S. Cureton, Ph.D.
University of Northwestern and Northwestern Media

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