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Senior Art Exhibition: Brea Hanson

Dec 3 - Dec 17, 2020

Empty Spaces

Empty Spaces

Exhibition Description

This exhibition showcases several series and standalone works by the artist. A heavy dose of surrealism alongside contrasted and monochromatic methods define each piece, seeking to draw the viewer into deeper contemplation. Natural elements and haunted moments are also woven into each work, dealing with themes such as mental health, biblical symbolism, and the duality of light and darkness.

portrait of Brea Hanson

Brea Hanson

Artist Statement

Common themes in my work are religion, nature, and haunted moments. Expressing these themes through art is a way of exploring my own experiences and feelings, especially those that are difficult to put into language. By putting these themes together, I’ve found they allow me to delve into many different types of feelings through heavy symbolism and exploration of relationships.

Coming from a heavily religious background, symbolism and imagery play important roles in how I view my life and the world. They are places of discovery and connection. The relationships I touch on in my art are typically relationships that seem to “oppose” one another but in reality are necessary for each other’s survival. Light and dark, are a good example - you cannot have one without the other. These relationships build alongside the high contrast that I incorporate into each designed work.

As an artist I don’t have a set subject matter; instead my content is my style. Creators and makers such as Tim Burton, Miranda Zimmerman, and Behemot Crta Stvari have been incredibly influential on that style and my growth as an artist. I approach concepts with monochromatic palettes, bold lines, ink washes, and an intentional feeling of design. My work contains influences of ornate touches, underlying patterns, and graphic qualities. Ultimately, my work is about evoking a feeling. The mood, the tone, and the message must be exact. If the feeling is right, then I know the piece is finished.


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