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Senior Art Exhibition: Sophia Christianson

Oct 29 - Nov 20, 2020

The Immortal: The World of the Kingdom of Temporal

The Immortal: The World of the Kingdom of Temporal

Exhibition Description

A serf discovers his royal lineage—but nothing is what it seems.

Set in a historical-medieval kingdom with a science-fiction twist, The Immortal—featuring 8 full-color illustrations and 89 sketches—is the first in a series of young adult novels. A prominent motif throughout the series is the concept of reflections and mirrors. This exhibition showcases the novel’s artwork alongside textual excerpts, paintings, props, and additional illustrations serving to expand on the world of the story.

portrait of Sophia

Sophia Christianson

Artist Statement

I’m an author-illustrator obsessed with bringing the world in my head to life. I draw to get it out, and I write to present it.

I’m frequently inspired by Japanese media and illustrators. I’m also inspired by the complete opposite—Gothic art from the Middle Ages along with my Christian upbringing. But there’s another inspiration to my work and writing, something a little more ironic: my own mental illness. My obsessions, my compulsions, my escapism.

The multiverse of my stories reflects its own existence as an escape world. Its entire concept is that of four worlds encompassing the four lobes of the brain. Their overarching antagonist is the controlling, pervasive OCD. The multiverse uses science-fiction concepts and tropes—combined with additional genres—to weave together the characters’ stories, told in type and illustration.

I work within a theme of duality. Reflections are a motif frequently employed in my writing; it’s shown literally and symbolically through various concepts, worlds, and characters. Everything has a mirror image—my work alone is a reflection of the escape world that took six years to find an escape from. But even now, I still co-reside in two different places: reality and the world in my head.

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