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Intercultural Studies Internships

This essential experience gives ICS majors a foundational context for communicating and ministering across cultures.

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Intercultural Studies (ICS) internships can be completed in a variety of ways depending on your goals. The Christian Ministries Department partners with other organizations to provide the following types of ICS internship experiences:

Faculty-led Trips

These are overseas mission trips led by a Northwestern professor, during which you will visit and explore a variety of ministries, cultures, countries, and religious groups. In order to provide significant cross-cultural and service-learning experience, these trips normally last at least three weeks.

Independent Internships

You may also choose to do an Independent Internship in an area of your choice, as long as it fits the course criteria. The Christian Ministries Department is developing relationships with a variety of international and domestic missions and nonprofit organizations through whom these internships can be completed. This internship needs to be pre-arranged with the Intercultural Studies professors and it must be approved by the Department Chair.

ICS Immersion Courses

Select courses are delivered through immersion learning experiences. Our Urban Community Development course is normally delivered in an intensive format at an urban ministry site and delivered in urban and international contexts. The ICS major provides opportunities for you to engage in service learning through cross-cultural experience and immersion learning. Our Relief and Development course is also offered at a domestic or international site.

Study Abroad

Northwestern is a member of the CCCU, which provides a diverse array of off-campus study programs available to qualified juniors and seniors. Learn more about an internship with Students International in Costa Rica. This internship needs to be pre-arranged with the Intercultural Studies professors and it must be approved by the Department Chair.

Past ICS internships

2020 - Cambodia, The Philippines, Thailand, and Japan

2018 - France, Central Asia, Thailand, and Japan

2016 ICS Internship Trip - China, Thailand, and Japan

2014 - Europe, Thailand, and Japan

2013 - China and Southeast Asia

2012 - Japan, Thailand, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and the United Kingdom

Areas visited in previous trips: Israel, Europe, Africa, and the Pacific Rim.

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