Communication at UNW

The world needs Christian men and women who can communicate now more than ever. Communicating clearly and powerfully, whether using the spoken and written word, is the skill that will continue to be vital to meeting the demands of our changing world.

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We meet the challenge of our constantly changing world with a diverse communication program that equips students for many kinds of careers and ministries. The need has never been greater for men and women who communicate clearly and powerfully through the spoken word, the written word, and a vast array of communication technologies.

From our nationally recognized public relations and media production programs to our multimedia journalism and professional writing programs, students prepare for their futures by combining their personal passions and abilities with practical and theoretical training.

Mission Statement

The Communication Department at Northwestern exists to prepare students for leadership in ministries and careers in communication-related fields. The department will provide opportunities for students to gain theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience grounded on a Christ-centered worldview through classroom activities, internships, experiential education, service learning, and storytelling. By doing so, the department will produce graduates who are critical thinkers and effective communicators who are focused on service, ethics, and excellence.

Department Objectives

All students who successfully complete their degree through the Department of Communication will: 

    • Be able to identify the principal elements of the communication process and assess their importance to successful communication. 
    • Be able to develop and deliver effective presentations using appropriate technology. 
    • Be able to demonstrate the ability to apply biblical values to communication activities. 
    • Be well prepared for their first job in the field.

    Additional Objectives

    Media Production graduates will be able to demonstrate the ability to conceive, plan, and complete an appropriate electronic media project.

    Department Newsletter

    The Department of Communication sends a monthly e-newsletter (dotComm), which includes updates on faculty, students, and alumni. This is a great way to stay updated on events and news coming from our department.

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