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Building on the rich history and facilities of Northwestern Media, our radio broadcasting program is known for its quality and performance.

Communication students in a radio station

The Remnant is a student-operated radio station serving the student body. As a part of the Media Production program, The Remnant provides practical experience in the operation of a radio station and is a source of entertaining radio programming for resident students. Participation in student radio is open to all students, regardless of academic program.

Mission statement

The Remnant exists first to glorify Christ in all that they do, then to serve the campus of University of Northwestern and encourage listeners in their faith while seeking to excel in our pursuit of professional radio skills through the power of Christ.

Core values

The Remnant wants students to become passionate for Christ and passionate for radio. The main thing to remember is not to worry about mistakes. The Remnant is the time to fail brilliantly! Be strong and courageous and feel His good pleasure. Prepare your show and go for it. The Remnant is not about being perfect, it's about relying on the One who is perfect.

Broadcasting with the "power of a toaster!"

Because The Remnant is an unlicensed radio station, it is only given about 1 Watt of power (which isn't a lot). The weak signal allowed the creation of the slogan "Broadcasting with the Power of a Toaster," even though a toaster actually uses about 800 Watts of power. Imagine how far The Remnant could broadcast with the actual power of a toaster!

Because of the weak signal, The Remnant uses the internet to spread its message. So in a sense, it's broadcasting all over the world but only halfway across campus!

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