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Student Opportunities

School of Business

Make professional and personal connections through our many student opportunities.

Business student Isaac on a missions trip in Africa.

Mentorship Program

Have the opportunity to be paired with a business alumni mentor who wants to help you grow spiritually and professionally.  This program is a fantastic opportunity for business students to:

  • Broaden their knowledge of their future profession
  • Network with alumni working in their field of career interest 
  • Grow and develop their professional skills


Every Northwestern business student completes at least one semester-long internship. An internship provides realistic, hands-on experience and valuable networking. Students gain confidence as they see their classroom knowledge applied in the business world and experience the business world in a more realistic environment.

One of the primary benefits of an internship is that it allows you to "test the waters" to determine whether or not a particular area or company is a good fit with your interests and skills, and many students find their internship opens the doors to a full-time position after graduation. For more information on internships, visit Career Development.

Student Groups

Start building your professional network through one of out student groups, including Accounting Club, Women in Leadership Club, and the Student Business Board.  These groups host outside speakers and organize networking events that will help you grow professionally, and also provide an opportunity for you to connect with students who share similar interests. 

International Experiences

The School of Business is currently planning a trip to Italy for May 2022 where students can take up to eight credits towards their degree and gain invaluable experiences abroad.

Through Northwestern's Center for Global Programs, students have and opportunity to take classes and complete an internship abroad.  Gain valuable experience learning about different cultures, governments and international business while studying in another country.

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