Lessons Offered

The Academy of Music offers private lessons during the fall, spring, and summer terms. Registration for each term typically opens at least a month before the term starts and remains open so that new students may register to begin lessons at any point in the term. See the Academy Calendar for specific dates.

Lessons generally occur on the University of Northwestern campus Monday-Friday afternoons and early evenings along with Saturdays, but some lessons take place at satellite locations.

Teacher request is on a first-come, first-served basis. Private lessons are offered for the following instruments:

Best-fit Lesson Plan

The Academy of Music offers the Best-fit Lesson Plan, a unique opportunity to select not only the length and number of lessons but also the level of instruction. Families can make decisions based on instructor experience, student skill level, interests, expectations, financial consideration, scheduling or any other criteria important to the student. The availability of instructors may vary depending on the instrument.

Instructor levels

Faculty Instructor: An experienced teacher who has advanced degrees in music. Faculty instructors are accomplished teachers who actively perform in the community.

Graduate Instructor - Level 2: Several years of experience teaching music lessons with a college degree in music.

Graduate Instructor - Level 1: A recent college graduate with a degree in music and has some experience teaching music lessons.

Student Instructor: A student in the music program at University of Northwestern who is teaching to gain experience and apply newly learned teaching techniques. Student instructors are under the supervision of faculty members.

Lesson lengths

  • 30 minutes
  • 45 minutes
  • 60 minutes

Lesson packages

  • Full year: 28 lessons over fall (13) and spring (15)
  • Fall: 13 lessons during a 15-week term
  • Spring: 15 lessons during a 17-week term
  • Prorated: available during fall, spring, and summer


Registration is open for the current term and remains open so that students may register to begin lessons at any point in the term. To find out when registration will open for the next term, please see the Academy Calendar.

Current students who have made arrangements with an instructor may register online but new students will need to register through the Academy of Music office. See registration steps below for both new and current students.

There will be a $20 late registration fee applied if a student begins lessons before registering.

New Students:

  1. Call 651-631-5108 to find out instructor availability and to register. Your online account will be set up during this phone call.

  2. Once registered, your instructor will contact you to confirm the scheduled lessons.

  3. Wait to hear from your new instructor.

  4. Attend your lessons!

Current Students:

  1. Confirm lesson day and time with your instructor.

  2. Login to your account.*

  3. Search for lessons by instrument title, and add desired lesson to your cart.

  4. Follow the prompts on each page to finish registration.

*Note that online registration requires payment in full by credit card. If you wish to pay by another method or to set up a monthly payment plan, please call the Academy of Music office at 651-631-5108 to register.

Lesson option explanations:

  • Full year: 28 lessons over fall (13) and spring (15)

  • Fall: 13 lessons during a 15-week term

  • Spring: 15 lessons during a 17-week term

  • Prorated: choose the number of lessons that will fit your schedule (available during fall, spring, and summer terms)

Additional prorated lessons may be added at the end of each term as arranged by the instructor and student. After making arrangements with an instructor for additional lessons, students should contact the Academy of Music office to register for the additional lessons.

Lessons generally occur on the University of Northwestern campus Monday-Friday afternoons and early evenings as well as on Saturdays. Because of space limitations at University of Northwestern, some private instruction will take place at the Academy’s satellite locations. Lesson location should be confirmed with the student’s private instructor.

For maps and directions, please view the links below.


University of Northwestern Campus

3003 Snelling Avenue North, St. Paul, MN 55113
Campus Map | Directions to UNW

Roseville Covenant Church

2865 Hamline Avenue, Roseville, MN 55113
Roseville Covenant Church | Google Maps and Directions

Hope Christian Church

4911 Hodgson Road, Shoreview, MN 55126
Hope Christian Church | Google Maps and Directions

Salem Covenant Church

2655 5th Street NW, New Brighton, MN 55112
Salem Covenant Church Google Maps and Directions



Private lesson tuition

The Best-fit Lesson Plan will also be a best-progress lesson plan if the student registers for the full year option of 28 lessons offered over the fall and spring. Students will see continuous, steady progress in their music, and you will save $15 by not having to pay a spring registration fee (see registration fee below).

* Faculty rates vary. Call the Academy office for specific instructor rates.

Note that all summer tuition will be charged on a prorated basis. Families choose the number of lessons that will fit their schedules.

Registration Fee

There is a nonrefundable $15 registration fee per family per semester. If a student registers for the full year option in the fall, the spring registration fee will be waived because the student does not need to register again in the spring.


Once registered, tuition may be paid by credit card (online or over the phone) or check.

Payments may be made in full or in monthly installments for an additional $20 fee (per family per semester except for full year registrations). Monthly invoices will be sent by e-mail.

Please see Payment from Program Policies for additional payment policies.


Family discount: Families registering three or more students or registering for lessons on three or more instruments/groups/ensembles during the same transaction will receive a 10 percent discount off the family’s total tuition for the semester. The discount does not apply towards the registration fee or the monthly payment plan fee.

Trial lesson discount: the Academy offers the change to register for a trial lesson to see if an instructor or instrument is a good fit. The $15 registration fee will be due when you set up the lesson, but the tuition for this one trial lesson will be waived. If the $15 registration fee has already been paid for the family, the student may register and pay tuition for just 1 lesson. All cancellation and absence policies apply.

Performance Opportunities

The Academy of Music sponsors student recitals to help musicians develop their skills and have the opportunity to perform for a supportive audience. All recitals are free of charge and open to the public. We encourage family and friends to attend.

General Student Recitals

General student recitals feature musicians of all ages and abilities and are held each semester in Nazareth Chapel and the Nazareth Great Hall (formerly known as the Blue Room).

Studio Recitals

Studio recitals are hosted by individual instructors and feature students from their private studios. These events are scheduled throughout the year.