portrait of Mike Wisniewski

Mike Wisniewski

Faculty Level 2 Instructor Worship Arts

Mike Wisniewski is a worship leader at Living Faith Church, located in Circle Pines. Self taught on the guitar for 12 years, he has led as a volunteer and professionally at Living Faith since 2010, has been singing for even longer, and has been working to bring young leaders into their own, equipping them with the tools they’ll need to find the place that God has for them in the worship leading world.

As a musician, he has competed at the MN State Fair Talent Show, played with Crossroads Chapel, and written music as a hobby as well. He has been immersed in music his whole life, having two parents who were musicians, and he loves to impart the wonder that he feels from being around music on others. He is also a graphic artist and animator, and has worked to utilize those skills to help churches grow in creativity and vision. When he’s not working you can probably find him adventuring somewhere with his wife, Anja, reading lengthy fantasy novels, or playing video games with his friends.

Mike teaches Acoustic Guitar, Planning Center, and ProPresenter for the Academy of Music.

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