Department of Biology & Biochemistry

Prepare to accelerate scientific discoveries

Study and conduct original, leading-edge research under the direction of faculty who share your faith and are experts in their respective scientific fields. Develop your skills as a biologist, genetic researcher, lab technician, forensic specialist and more.

The Department of Biology and Biochemistry offers majors in Biology, Biochemistry and Health Sciences. These degrees prepare you for a wide variety of careers or entry into top graduate programs in biology, biochemistry, and the health professions, such as medical school, nursing, physician assistant, dental, chiropractic, pharmacy, veterinary, and physical therapy.


Biology students share their experiences

How do academics, faith and friendships with professors come together in the classrooms and labs? Check out the video!


Take the opportunity to enjoy unique and fun classes

  • Genetics: Learn about the structure and function of DNA, how it is passed on from parents to offspring and how it is studied and manipulated for human good.
  • Human Anatomy: Use state-of-the-art Human Anatomy digital resources including a virtual human cadaver dissection in lecture and a full semester cat dissection.
  • Microbiology: Study organisms too small to be seen without magnification and learn about the basic biology of organisms such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi.
  • Animal Biology: Select animals to study for a 120-gallon aquarium and survey and dissect everything from sea sponges to lobsters to snakes and ferrets.
  • Winter Ecology: Learn the effects of winter abiotic conditions on organisms and the influence of winter on wildlife management.


Spiritual formation in the science lab

Under the guidance of Christian professors who are scientific experts, you'll also grow spiritually as you come to better know the Creator through understanding of His Creation.

Degrees in the sciences are in high demand in today's society, and we strive to approach these disciplines based on inquiry and critical thinking within the framework of a Christian worldview.


Research with results 

The expertise of Northwestern professors means leading-edge research opportunities for you!

Seul Ah '12, biology graduate, co-authored a biomedical paper with Engineering Professor Dr. Matt Hyre that was presented at an international biomedical conference in Latvia. 

Dr. Lisanne Winslow collaborates with the University of Tokyo in Japan to apply her research on marine biology in relation to climate change. 

She led a research team of UNW students to work with students in Tokyo. 

Dr. Joanna Klein got a grant from the Joint Genome Institute with the Department of Energy to study a relatively unknown marine bacterium. UNW students are assisting with the research and annotation. 


What our graduates are doing

Our graduates can be found in many sectors of science. Several of our students even receive job offers before graduation.

Here are just a few of the positions or areas where you'll find Northwestern grads:

  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
  • Microbiologist
  • Physician Assistant — ER
  • Forestry — GIS Specialist
  • Sr. Quality Systems Manager
  • Lab Technician
  • Clinical Pharmacist
  • Animal Care Worker
  • Forensic Specialist
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
  • Research Associate — Mayo
  • Registered Nurse
  • Chiropractor Private Practice
  • Clinical Lab Technologist
  • Pollution Control Agency
  • U.S. Army



Biology/Biochemistry alum takes the next stepto Harvard

David Radke, a 2010 graduate, has been accepted by the School of Public Health at Harvard University to pursue a Ph.D. bench research biology degree. With a double major from Northwestern in Biochemistry and Biology, Radke is ready to apply his "skills and knowledge towards solving biological questions of great relevance for the public benefit."

Northwestern Awarded for Shoreline Restoration

Ramsey Conservation District recently recognized Northwestern for stabilizing almost 4,000 feet of of eroded shoreline on Lake Johanna. Biology/Biochemistry students had the opportunity to participate in the restoration project, giving them a chance to experience environmental work in a real-world context.