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Loving God with Your Mind

By Walter J. Schultz on Saturday, January 31, 2015

Totino Fine Art Center Lobby

A celebration of Christian scholarship, Loving God with Your Mind is an evening of short presentations by three distinguished University of Northwestern scholars. Learn what inspires Northwestern's faculty members about their current area of research and how they apply it to their faith.

"The Septuagint: The Bible of the Early Church" by Dr. Ed Glenny

Scholars acknowledge that the Septuagint was the Old Testament of the Early Church, yet since the time of the Reformation, the Septuagint has receded into obscurity. This talk will highlight the influence of this ancient translation on our Christian heritage.

"The Biblical Period" by Dr. Michael Wise

The centuries from roughly 250 B.C. until A.D. 135 may reasonably be described as "the biblical period." This talk will delve into this time when the Old Testament books came together to form a canon of Scripture and when the New Testament books were written.

"No Other Foundation" by Dr. Walter Schultz

In the 40 years or so since Francis Schaeffer and others have presented the idea of a Christian "worldview," few have related that worldview to the areas of science and mathematics. This talk will explore how the doctrine of Christ may be applied to these concepts.

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