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Northwestern Media: Jenni's Story

By Sheri Lunn on Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Picture of student Jenni

University of Northwestern and its radio ministry, Northwestern Media, share the mission to impact lives for the gospel, spreading encouragement and a biblical worldview. This is the powerful story of one of our radio listeners in Madison Wisconsin:

Jenni pulled her car over on her way home from work one night and decided not to go home—ever again. She wanted to end the exhaustion, pain, and bitterness of "holding it all together" as a single mother of three overwhelmed by a stressful, full-time job and buried in bills she could never keep up with. She wanted to end it all.

Her mind was racing. Then, she turned on the radio. It was programmed to Life 102.5, a part of Northwestern Media. The song? "Even If" by Mercy Me. Listening to the words, she was suddenly overcome with a surge of strength. When the song was over, she put her car into gear and drove home to her waiting children.

"That song saved my life that night," Jenni wrote in a thank you letter to Life 102.5. "That song left my kids with a mother. That song gave me the strength to get help."

Two ministries with one mission

Working together, the radio stations and university continue to look for new ways to bring more people to Christ. Our shared mission is to impact lives, share the gospel, and equip students, alumni, and radio listeners to fulfill Christ's purpose for their lives.

We love hearing stories like Jenni's from Life 102.5 and our other 15 radio stations across the Midwest. Northwestern Media reaches 1.1 million listeners a week. And, we're not stopping there.


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