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Forest Springs Camp & Conference Center (CFS)

Christian Camp Ministry

Do you love camping? Consider working as a Christian camp counselor while ministering to youth.

Forest Springs’ mission is to provide programs and facilities in a camping environment with a trained service-oriented staff who use the Word of God to help initiate faith and cultivate maturity in Jesus Christ.

As an affiliate member institution, Northwestern students can participate in the Leadership, Training, and Development program, which prepares participants for effective ministry in Christian camping, or related fields.

The program strengthens Christian leadership qualities through classroom instruction, informal discussion, and “hands-on” experiences. More details can be found here.

The concentration requirement of the Ministry major may be satisfied by completing the camping concentration at Forest Springs Camp & Conference Center located in Westboro, Wisconsin, along with other courses as listed in the Ministry program requirements. Requires application to and acceptance by Forest Springs Camp & Conference Center.

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