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Deeper Into The Woods

Deeper Into The Woods

Northwestern’s theater production of Into the Woods invites audiences to follow a twisty tale through the woods, with a stop at Grandmother’s house, an escape in Cinderella’s slippers, and a climb up to Rapunzel’s tower. Take a look behind the scenes with prop master and computer science major, Wes Muilenburg!Read more

Music in Motion

Music in Motion

Have you ever listened to music playing behind movie or television scenes and wondered what goes through a composer’s mind as he/she looks at a scene and determines what music should be used to support the story?Read more

A Bipartisan Dorm: Opposing political leaders on campus share room and friendship

A Bipartisan Dorm: Opposing political leaders on campus share room and friendship

As political tension is ratcheting up between republicans and democrats, two Northwestern students stand as a shining example of respect and cooperation, despite being on two ends of the political spectrum.Read more




Oct. 28-29

Into The Woods

Experience Northwestern firsthand as you enjoy the laughter, tears, and pure entertainment from UNW Theatre Department's presentation of Into The Woods. Buy tickets

Nov. 4

Fall Preview Days

Experience how a normal day at UNW can shape your faith and lead to your next opportunities in life. More info



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