Department of World Languages

Andrew is learning Russian now so he can change lives later

Why learn a language at Northwestern?

Language learning is an adventure. We want you to take the time to enjoy the scents, colors, sounds, tastes and textures of the language and culture you are acquiring.

  • Get equipped with practical communication skills and knowledge of cultural and historical contexts, preparing you for a wide range of career fields.
  • Learn by example from the rich, extensive experiences of language professors who lived in the country of the language they teach.
  • Develop a thoughtful, Christ-centered perspective through your courses and life-giving relationships with caring professors at Northwestern.
  • Spanish majors are immersed in language by spending a semester abroad in Spain or Costa Rica.
  • ESL Education and Spanish Education majors gain valuable, hands-on teaching experiences through placements in the K–12 schools under the mentorship of college supervisors and co-operating teachers.

We invite you to step into the lives, minds and hearts of another people and their culture. 

Majors that matter: Language as Career

ESL (English as a Second Language) Education
Teach English language learners in grades K–12 in public or private schools.

ESL/Elementary Education-Dual License
Teach English language learners in grades K–12 and elementary students(grades K–6) in public or private schools.

Intercultural Studies and English Teaching
Learn to serve and teach English to speakers of other languages in and from other countries.

Intercultural Studies and Spanish
Work with and minister to Spanish speakers in the United States or other countries.

Communicate effectively in Spanish in any career or ministry capacity where Spanish skills and cultural knowledge are needed or valued.

Spanish Education
Teach Spanish in grades K–12 in public or private schools.

Spanish study abroad programs

Spanish majors spend a semester abroad and gain fluency being fully immersed in language and culture. Students can choose between the Semester in Spain program in Seville or the Latin American Studies Program in Costa Rica.

Familiarity to fluency

"As a Spanish major, I have really benefited from the opportunity to spend a semester studying the language in Seville, Spain. My classes at UNW gave me the foundation I needed to really grow and develop my fluency during my time in Spain."
–Kirsten Brown '12, Elementary Education and Spanish

Language gives you more

"Double your languages, double your opportunities—opportunities for employment, career advancement, effective cross-cultural ministries and travel enrichment!"
–Feng-Ling Margaret Johnson, Ph.D., Professor of ESL Education & Linguistics

 "A different language is a different vision of life."
Federico Fellini, Italian film director and writer

Our graduates are...

  • Studying in graduate schools
  • Teaching English & Spanish to K–12 learners
  • Teaching overseas
  • Working in corporations  that require language specialization


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