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Complete Confidence

“When I leave my children at the center for the day, I have complete confidence that all their needs will be met, that they will be treated with compassion and love, and that they will be respected as the precious individuals that they are.”

Stimulating, Christian-Based Environment

“It is a Christian-based environment where my child learns how much God loves her and these other adults (teachers and administrators) love and respect her. It is also a stimulating environment to help her grow and develop. Who could ask for more?”

Never Have to Worry

“The Child Development Center has helped raise my child and taught her the values we practice and believe in our home. We never have to worry about her safety or the way a situation is handled at school.”

Prepared for Kindergarten

“I was so pleased to see how prepared my child was for life in the kindergarten classroom. The center taught her how to behave appropriately in a group setting. She learned good listening skills and got a great academic foundation—I hear nothing but positive remarks from her kindergarten teacher.”

My Child Loves It

“My child loves it there! She is challenged and learns intergenerational social skills.”


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