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World Languages

Language learning is an adventure. We want you to take the time to enjoy the scents, colors, sounds, tastes and textures of the language and culture you are acquiring.


Modern Languages Minor

The modern languages minor allows students to develop oral and written communications skills in two languages (including Arabic, Chinese, Russian, and Spanish) during their time at Northwestern.


Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Minor

The teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) minor is the perfect accompaniment to many other globally minded majors. With the TESOL minor, students can teach English as a Foreign Language (EFL) in grades K–12 and adult education settings around the world. Additionally, students can...



Become fluent in Spanish and gain an understanding of Hispanic cultures for a career and ministry. The Spanish major prepares you to communicate and relate to Hispanic audiences in the western hemisphere and in Spain. You’ll acquire practical knowledge of Hispanic cultures and strategies for...


Spanish Minor

The Spanish minor fulfills foreign language requirements. It focuses on the development of oral and written proficiency in Spanish. Taking Spanish equips you to communicate with many people in the U.S. and abroad. Students have the opportunity to study abroad in Spain or Costa Rica.

Student Opportunities

Northwestern encourages students to cross borders to impact the world. The Department of World Languages has a variety of opportunities for students to study abroad, participate in language clubs, view bilingual theater performances, and much more.


International Studies Minor

The international studies minor provides certification of a student’s global educational experience. Study abroad enables a person to deepen their understanding of the richness and diversity of the world’s cultures. Program options allow students to explore a variety of regions of the world through...


Chinese Studies Minor

The Chinese studies minor focuses on the development of oral and written communication skills in the Chinese language. Students also explore many aspects of the cultures of China and consider how to apply skills from their major field of study among speakers of the world’s most widely spoken...


Interested in learning another language but not sure if it will be beneficial? Find out how you can gain cross-cultural experience and what majors offer a chance to learn a new language.

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