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You can help us equip your students by encouraging them to explore our resources and services offered in Career Development.

“Equipped to Succeed & Empowered to Lead”

A 2017 study by a leading Christian research firm, showed that prospective parents value “practical life skills”, “increased opportunities in life”, and “a fulfilling career” as a few of the key outcomes to be expected when their students attend college. The Career Development team at Northwestern values what you value, by offering students:

  • Resources and services to practically equip them for an ever-changing workforce
  • Tools and coaching to help them explore available opportunities
  • Internships and hands-on experiences to empower them to pursue a fulfilling career
  • Intentional networking with employers and alumni to discover career opportunities

Our goal at UNW Career Development is to help students apply their education and experiences toward advancing their career goals over a lifetime. You can help us achieve this goal by encouraging your student to explore our resources and services, beginning their first semester on campus and continuing after they graduate. In partnership with you, the Career Development team is committed to serving your students, and helping them to become true leaders in the workforce.

I really enjoyed being able to listen and learn from other professionals. This was the first year my supervisor was in charge of the Irish Fair, and we had no manual or master plan, so using what I had learned in my courses at UNW, I was able to greatly contribute. Together, we developed a huge master plan, and it really gave me a great chance to learn all the aspects of planning an event.
Gillian McIntosh


In 2016 & 2017, employers recognized our student interns by highly rating their performance for integrity, teamwork, and a positive work ethic.


out of 5 average for integrity


out of 5 average for teamwork


out of 5 average for positive work ethic

Student & Alumni Spotlight

Our recent graduate and internship surveys attest to the success of our students.

Student Survey Data

Our recent graduate and internship surveys attest to the success of our students. See and read about how they have made a difference in their workplaces.

How does Northwestern determine the employment rate of its graduates?

Following the standard practice of most colleges and universities, Northwestern obtains information about the employment status of students at exit and follows up with graduates between 6 and 9 months after graduation. Data from the follow up survey is reported in April of each year for the previous complete academic year (December and May graduates).

How reliable is the information?

Graduates give a self-report on their employment status. Northwestern works diligently to get a response rate for the follow up survey that meets or exceed standards for statistical reliability.

What does Northwestern do to help graduates find fulfilling work?

Career Development provides a range of free services for students and alumni, including career coaching and professional development events, both on and off campus. Career coaches provide training in job search strategies, interviewing, resume writing, and other professional development topics. Northwestern also utilizes Handshake, an online job-posting platform where students and alumni can search and apply for jobs.

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