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Undergraduate Pathways Bible Application

The Undergraduate Pathways Bible Application

This e-mail address will be used to send official communication from UNW during the enrollment process.

Enrollment Preferences

Academic Information

Please list all postsecondary institutions you have attended, whether you earned credit or not.

You must submit official transcripts from each institution.

Please list any immediate family members who are currently enrolled at Northwestern:

Background Information

Ethnicity and Race

These questions comply with the U.S. Department of Education's standards for
ethnic and racial data collection.

Unless otherwise indicated, providing the information below is voluntary and
will not be used in a discriminatory manner.

Check all that apply.

Personal Faith Statement

Northwestern believes the Bible alone is the final authority and
standard on all matters of faith and personal conduct.

Do you currently have information posted in any public domain
(websites, blogs, etc.) that would contradict anything in the
Declaration of Christian Community or anything you are including
in this application?


Please limit response to 200-300 words:

  1. Please tell us about the things Jesus has done for you (Mark 5:19, 20).
  2. With this is mind, what are your life goals and how do you hope to contribute to the student community at Northwestern?

*You may use the space provided below, or attach a PDF or Word document.

Your References

The following contact information is required. You are authorizing Northwestern to contact these individuals if further information is necessary. You are also waiving your right to review any information provided by these references.

I affirm that I have read the Declaration of Christian Community. If I am accepted
and subsequently enroll as a student, I will gladly adhere to its spirit and standards
and will seek to be a positive, active member of the University of Northwestern –
St. Paul community. I affirm all the information contained in this application,
including any attached documentation containing personal information I have
provided, is accurate, complete and honestly presented.

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