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Healthcare Management — Undergraduate Concentration

UNW’s concentration in Healthcare Management prepares you to enter the healthcare field as a leader able to manage skillfully and serve individuals and families in need of care through wise, compassionate, God-honoring management.

Pursue a concentration in Healthcare Management.
Be prepared to lead.

Prepare to lead in the healthcare industry with a bachelor’s degree concentration in Healthcare Management from University of Northwestern. Business Administration majors who complete a concentration in Healthcare Management will:

  • Gain business management and healthcare management knowledge and experience
  • Acquire hard skills specific to business and unique to the health industry
  • Learn from faith-based professors who are experts in their fields and have substantial experience in the healthcare industry
  • Be prepared for meaningful positions of leadership in senior care and nursing facilities, group homes, rehabilitation centers, supportive care organizations, medical technology and equipment companies, and other healthcare organizations

About the Healthcare Management Concentration

With Northwestern's Healthcare Management concentration, Business Administration majors will gain business and health-related hard skills highly sought after by leading healthcare organizations. The knowledge and tools gained by students who earn a Healthcare Management concentration provide a competitive advantage in the healthcare industry and allow graduates to quickly integrate into a field typically known for a long learning curve.

Completing a degree in Healthcare Management will equip you for positions of leadership in a growing, highly compensated job market in need of godly leadership.

  • Finance Systems in Healthcare
  • Healthcare Leadership
  • Healthcare Law and Ethics
  • Strategic Management in Healthcare
  • Business Ethics
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Management
  • Marketing

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Future Master's Degree


Graduating with a concentration in Healthcare Management will give you a head start on earning an MBA at University of Northwestern. Complete up to 14 graduate credits during your undergraduate program, with only 25 additional credits required to complete your MBA.

  • MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Management
Our aim is to prepare every graduate entering the healthcare field to serve individuals and families in need of care through wise, compassionate, God-honoring management and leadership.
Jessa Nelson
Faculty | Assistant Dean, School of Business
Assistant Professor of Business