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Core Curriculum Outcomes

The Scripture teaches the truth that all things have their existence and find their meaning in relationship to Christ. We believe that truth exists.

Students in worship chapel

It is the desire of the University of Northwestern that students encounter Christ and be continually transformed into His image through the work of the Holy Spirit. The University of Northwestern provides an environment for that transformation to take place through challenging and respectful engagement in academic settings, chapel, campus life experiences, and personal relationships with members of the University community.

Because UNW values biblical truth and believes that truth informs disciplines Graduates will... Articulate the integration of biblical teaching appropriate to their fields. Know the basic content of the Bible and the redemptive-historical storyline of Scripture. Know the essential teachings of theology and God’s work through the church to the nations. Apply critical thinking skills through a biblically informed worldview in the evaluation of all matters.

Because UNW values finding identity in Christ and following Him in all pursuits and actions Graduates will... Understand their personal identity and future hope in Christ. Be able to interpret Scripture and apply it to their lives. Be equipped to engage in a process of spiritual growth into the likeness of Christ. Be able to examine their life experiences in light of Scripture and their relationship with God. Live a life of physical wellness, personal integrity, and holiness in Christ.

Because UNW values effective communication Graduates will… Be able to speak and listen well. Be able to read with comprehension and to write effectively. Be able to use technology effectively and ethically. Be able to proclaim and defend the Gospel with an effective testimony in both life and word.

Because UNW values the importance of community and global perspectives Graduates will... Understand the central call of service to others in the life of all Christians. Demonstrate the core biblical concept of servanthood in leadership. Understand elements of basic human behavior in historical and social contexts. Act with integrity, humility, respect, and understanding toward individuals and groups. Understand our own and other cultures as demonstrated by thoughtful and biblical engagement in a culturally diverse world.

Because UNW values the exploration and pursuit of knowledge Graduates will… Be able to find, evaluate, and use information effectively. Have a depth of knowledge in their fields of study. Know core ideas that have shaped human thinking in the humanities, fine arts, natural sciences, behavioral sciences, and mathematics. Be able to employ critical thinking skills such as reasoning, problem-solving, and analysis. Demonstrate intellectual curiosity, creativity, and pursuit of lifelong learning.

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