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Northwestern hosts students from around the world. Our institution is intentional about serving the academic and spiritual needs of all students regardless of origin. Learn more about F-1 visas, important dates, and cost of attendance.

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Northwestern is intentional about serving the academic and spiritual needs of all students regardless of origin. An international student who desires to attend the university in the U.S.A. without maintaining residency or citizenship can do so with an F-1 visa. Due to the extensive process required to become an international student, we recommend you contact us today!

We want to ensure you have a smooth transition with your international relocation. The process may take about a year to complete so having a knowledgeable guide can help alleviate stress. In addition to Northwestern, other entities you’ll be working with include various financial institutions, your country’s embassy, and the Department of Immigration and Naturalization Services.

Do You Need an F-1 Visa?

Generally, an F-1 Visa accommodates people who are: not U.S. citizens, not legal permanent residents or refugees, or dual citizens who completed their secondary schooling abroad. You are considered an international student if you decide to study under a non-immigrant visa status.

NOTE: If you are a U.S. citizen living abroad, please apply as a first-time or transfer student. In the past, the average amount international students such as yourself have needed to supply is approximately 75% of the total cost to attend Northwestern. International students have paid these expenses through personal funds, sponsorships and outside scholarships.

Fall 2023 Semester:

  • May 1: Student has all paperwork completed and deposit paid
  • June 15: Visa must be secured
  • August 1: Final remaining balance paid
  • August 14–15: Arrival to MSP airport/UNW, check into dorm
  • August 16–18: International Student/Multicultural Orientation
  • August 19: General Orientation
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