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Computing, Data, & Mathematical Sciences

The Department of Computing, Data & Mathematical Sciences integrates faith-related perspectives to concepts like the infinite, dimension, and mathematical certainty. We also investigate how faith shaped the development of current quantitative disciplines.

About the Department

Mathematics was one of the very first subjects in the formal curriculum of western universities and the application of mathematics, facilitated by computers, is poised to expand exponentially in the future. The Department of Computing, Data & Mathematical Sciences involves students in outstanding opportunities like advanced coursework, research, and training with the latest computer software and applications. We emphasize real-life learning with numerous opportunities beyond the classroom.

At Northwestern, the idea of community, especially Christ-centered community, means there is a lot more togetherness in the engineering program. At least once or twice a day we are spending time together at the student center doing homework. When you’re doing something you all love, even if it is homework, even if it’s numerical analysis and thermodynamics, it’s still really cool to do [all of it] together in a community.
Department of Computing, Data, & Mathematical Sciences - Class of 2019

Majors and Programs

The Department of Computing, Data & Mathematical Sciences offers the following degrees: Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Data Analytics, Mathematics Education, and Information System. The department also partners with the School of Education and the School of Business to offer degrees in Engineering Management and Mathematics Education. These degrees and programs prepare you for further graduate study and careers working in a variety of industries.

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Under the guidance of Christian professors who are mathematicians and engineers, you'll grow spiritually as you come to better know the Creator by studying the natural world.

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