Offering instruction in civil, electrical, mechanical, and general engineering, the department of engineering coordinates with regional industries to research, design, and implement solutions with consideration of standard procedures, ethical practices, contemporary technologies, and the impact on creation for God-honoring service to the profession, community and world.

About the Department

The engineering faculty strive for excellence in education, scholarship, service, and integration of faith and profession. As such, the faculty are members of professional engineering societies, support academic accreditation, and research in areas of cement concrete, injection glass molding, and biomedical systems.

Majors and Programs

The engineering major consists of 50 credits for core courses and an emphasis of 34 credits in any of the following concentrations: civil, electrical, mechanical, or general engineering. The degree is granted upon completion of 139 credits (40 credits must be in 3000 or 4000 level courses).


Engineering Laboratories 

In support of project-based learning, industry related collaboration, and course specific topics, the department equips, maintains, and seeks to expand the following laboratories with both industry-standard and educational equipment.

Electronics Laboratory

Engine LaboratorySoils and Concrete Laboratory
Introduction to Engineering LaboratoryMachine ShopMaterials Laboratory
Physic LaboratoryThermo-Fluids LaboratorySenior Design Laboratory
Simulation LaboratorySurveying Laboratory

Department of Engineering

Nazareth Hall, N3129
3003 Snelling Avenue North
St. Paul, MN 55113

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