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English & Literature

In the Department of English & Literature, we celebrate the power of words and their capacity to influence our lives and our world. Our desire is to ignite students’ love of words through the study of literature, writing, and linguistics and to honor Christ as the foundation for our teaching and learning.

About the Department

The Department of English & Literature encourages students to grow intellectually and spiritually by empowering them to discern significant ideas in their reading, to compose meaningful texts, to conduct scholarly and field research, and to understand and apply linguistic principles. As they synthesize their faith with their discipline, students are prepared to succeed as scholars, writers, teachers, and communicators and to enjoy a lifelong relationship with words.

Majors and Programs

The Department of English & Literature offers a degree in English with the following concentrations: Linguistics, Literature, Writing, and Literature & Writing. This degree along with the program concentrations prepares you for further graduate study and careers working in various industries.

portrait of Kelsey Pearson
I absolutely loved my time in the English department, and at UNW as a whole. The professors I had pushed me to engage widely, think critically, and interact with the world holding a sense of curiosity and wonder which has benefited me in everything I have done since. I think more practically speaking, I learned a lot about problem solving and connecting with people, both in my classes and through the leadership opportunities that I had while at school, and those things prepared me well for the environment I work in now. I am able to ask good questions when I come up against issues, think creatively about how that issue can be solved, and communicate effectively to other members of my team that are working on the same information, and that is so, so valuable.
Kelsey Pearson

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