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History & Related Fields

The Department of History and Related Fields shapes reflective human beings who possess both historical knowledge and the ability to read deeply, think historically and critically, and communicate well, qualities which equip them to impact their home, church, community, and world.

About the Department

The History Department offers courses stretching from the ancient world to just yesterday, and covering many geographic areas. We have strengths in the ancient world and archaeology, modern Europe, and United States history. Our department believes that understanding the Ancient World sheds much light on understanding the World of the Bible. Students in our department also get well-grounded in church history, which is not often required at other institutions. In American history, we pay attention to the nation’s constitutional, political, and religious development. The major offers the flexibility to go in-depth in a particular area of study, add a second major, or add a minor in a field like political science. Students also have opportunities to study abroad or complete an Internship.

Events & News

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Majors and Programs

The Department of History & Related Fields offers a degree in History and courses in the following areas: History, Economics, Geography, and Political Science. This degree and related programs prepare you for further graduate study (M.A., Ph.D., Law School, or an M.Div.) and careers across a wide spectrum. Whatever fields History Majors want to go into, they’ll find themselves equipped for them with a History degree!

Meet your Professors

Our faculty are recognized experts in their fields, all hold terminal degrees, are published authors, and hold leadership roles in national and international organizations.

Department of History & Related Fields

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