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Interdisciplinary Studies

Learn more about completing your Interdisciplinary Studies with a capstone project.

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I loved creating my own major. I know exactly what I want to do when I graduate, and putting this together lets me really focus in on what I want to do. When I first came to University of Northwestern, I had decided to be a Ministry major. I was hoping to eventually start a ministry involving horses. I then switched my major to Film Studies and Equine Business, and now I am an Entrepreneurial Business major.
Hannah Rivard

Capstone Project

The interdisciplinary studies capstone is an individualized project designed to incorporate elements of all disciplines included in the major. The capstone is designed to be a culmination of work in the disciplines of the major. The project will play a major role in demonstrating that program objectives have been met.

Prior to the capstone semester, the student submits a capstone proposal for advisory committee approval. Support and approval from the advisory committee prompt the student to fulfill program requirements during the capstone semester. The student will assemble an electronic portfolio to demonstrate scholarly achievement and professional competency in the chosen fields. This portfolio is a valuable tool for gaining future employment or for being accepted into graduate school.

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