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UNW Housing Opportunities

Not sure how housing works on campus? Find out the details here.

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First things first, housing at UNW is awesome. The dorms are air-conditioned, carpeted, completely furnished, and each room has its own bathroom—no need for flip-flops, shower caddies, and waiting in line for a shower.

There are a variety of different style dorms, from studio apartments to suites to traditional apartments. Check out your options here. Remember that UNW has integrated housing, which means that freshmen through seniors live in every building. Your roommates will still be your age, but you might have older or younger students in your hall as well.

Our housing policy is that full-time students are required to live on campus or with a parent until they are 21. If you’re going to live with a parent or if you’re older than 21 and planning to commute, email housing@unwsp.edu to indicate that! There is a housing policy appeal form available; if you need one, talk to your Admission Counselor first.

Know someone else who will be a student at Northwestern whom you’d like to live with? No problem. Once you’ve both paid your deposits, you can request each other in the housing software (step #2 on theROCK). (Keep in mind that in the spring, we will create an online group so that you can meet other admitted students; you might meet future roommates this way! You can select your housing now and change it later, if need be. Or you can just wait. Either is fine!)

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