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Minnesota high school students can take college courses through PSEO. Apply online for PSEO courses and learn about deadlines and requirements for enrollment.
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PSEO Enrollment Process

  1. Complete the applicable PSEO application above. This includes your high school transcript, standardized test scores, and the PSEO State Form required by the State of Minnesota.
  2. You will a receive letter containing your acceptance status; if you are accepted, you will also receive a letter with information about theROCK student portal, which includes your Northwestern email account. Included will be an email with step-by-step registration instructions. *Please note that all communication from UNW will be sent to this email address, so you will need to check it regularly.
  3. The on-campus PSEO program is very competitive with limited availability. If you meet the qualifications for the on-campus PSEO program, you may be selected by the admissions committee for an interview as a part of the application process.
  4. You will receive your textbooks and course materials just before the class begins. PSEO students do not need to order them. 

Dates and Deadlines

Fall 2019 Term
  • PSEO On-Campus priority deadline:  April 1, 2019
  • PSEO On-Campus final deadline:  June 1, 2019
  • PSEO Online application deadline:  July 15, 2019
  • Course registration opens:  April 4, 2019
  • Semester dates:  August 28, 2019–December 19, 2019
  • Last day to add/drop a course:  September 11, 2019
  • Last day to withdraw from a course:  November 8, 2019
Spring 2020 Term
  • PSEO On-Campus application deadline:  November 15, 2019
  • PSEO Online application deadline:  December 1, 2019
  • Spring & Summer 2020 Course registration opens:  November 18, 2019
  • Semester dates:  January 13, 2020–May 14, 2020
  • Last day to add/drop a course:  January 27, 2020
  • Last day to withdraw from a course:  February 17, 2020

Applying students: If you have questions about the application process, qualifications, or anything else, please contact Dual Enrollment Admissions at 651-631-5126 or

Continuing students: If you have questions about registration, course selection, or anything else, please contact Dual Enrollment at 651-631-5300 or

PSEO Requirements

Online and On-site requirements:

  1. High school GPA of at least 2.75 
  2. Meeting one of our standardized testing requirements:
    1. ACT or PreACT score of at least 18
    2. ACT Aspire score of at least 427
    3. PSAT or SAT score of at least 940 
    4. California Achievement (CAT), Stanford Achievement (Stanford 10), Iowa Basics, Peabody, Terra Nova, MAP from 9th or 10th grade - scores in the top 50%
    5. We do not accept:  Practice ACT, ACT Explore, PSAT 8/9, Accuplacer, ASVAB, or MCAs.
    6. Any other test scores not listed above can be submitted for review, but may be deemed unsatisfactory by the admissions committee.
  3. Junior or senior in high school

On-campus requirements: To ensure students are well prepared for the rigor of studying in a college campus setting, there are higher minimum requirements.

  1. High school GPA of at least 3.3
  2. Meeting one of our standardized testing requirements:
    1. ACT or Pre ACT score of at least 22
    2. Aspire score of at least 434
    3. SAT or PSAT score of at least 1090
    4. No other tests are accepted
  3. Demonstrate an excellent "fit" with the Northwestern community as determined by an essay and an interview with the Admissions Committee
  4. Junior or senior in high school
  5. Enroll in a minimum of 6 on-campus credits (commuter) or 12 on-campus credits (residential) at Northwestern (once admitted into the program)
  6. At least 15 years of age at the time of enrollment
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