Adult Undergraduate Discounts and Grants

Are you an adult undergraduate student? Find out what discounts you may be eligible for and what grants you qualify for to help pay for your education.
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Military Tuition Discount

Northwestern's College of Graduate, Online & Adult Learning offers a military discounts. Students must apply and meet the terms and conditions, in order to apply for this discount. More details can be found here. Online courses do not qualify.

Christian Worker Discount*

A tuition discount is offered to students who are currently employed as full-time pastors, missionaries, or Christian education directors. Please have your organization send a letter to Financial Aid verifying your full-time employment status. Full-time students in the Adult Undergraduate program who are eligible will receive $250. Less than full-time students will receive a prorated amount.

Family Discount*

There are two ways to qualify for a Family Discount:

  1. Families who have more than one student (parent, child, sibling or spouse) attending at the same time within the College of Graduate, Online & Adult Learning, which includes Graduate Studies and Adult Undergraduate programs, may qualify for the Family Discount. Both students must be seeking a degree or certificate through the College of Graduate, Online & Adult Learning at Northwestern to qualify. Full-time students in the Adult Undergraduate program who are eligible will receive $250. Less than full-time students will receive a prorated amount.
  2. Adult students who have a son or daughter attending the traditional undergraduate program are eligible for a Family Discount of $250 off parent tuition. The parent(s) must be seeking a degree or certificate. The traditional undergraduate student does not receive the discount.

*Students may apply for a Family Discount or the Christian Worker Discount, but not both.

Federal and State Grants

Federal Pell Grant: $598–$5,815

The Federal Pell grant is awarded to students based on their financial need as demonstrated by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Minnesota State Grant: $100–$11,753

The Minnesota state grant is awarded to students meeting state criteria for eligibility including, but not limited to:

  • Financial need demonstrated by the FAFSA.
  • Graduated from a Minnesota high school or lived in MN for 12 consecutive months without attending a postsecondary school.
  • Students may receive the Minnesota State Grant for the first eight semesters of full-time equivalent attendance.
  • Active military service or major medical illnesses are circumstances which may be reason for deferring with regard to the eight full-time semester limit. Contact the financial aid office if withdrawing from Northwestern for these reasons.

Minnesota State Grant awards are prorated for students taking less than 15 full-time credits load (15+), which in some cases could be a total loss of State Grant for the term.

Minnesota Dream Act: $5,560

Students who meet the definition of Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) are not eligible to receive federal aid, but may be eligible for state financial aid through the Minnesota Dream Act. To apply, students must complete the online MN Dream Act-State Financial Aid application.

International Students

Most international students are not eligible to receive state or federal assistance. International students may qualify for up to 20 hours of work on campus per week.


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