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Scholarships are available for each type of student.

Degree Formats

Scholarships are available for each type of student. Click on a degree format to learn more.
  • Undergraduate student and mother speaking with Financial Aid staff member

    Undergraduate Scholarships

    Are you a traditional undergraduate student in search of a scholarship to help pay your tuition? Find out more about what scholarships are available to you and how much money you could potentially...

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  • Adult undergraduate student discussing with staff member

    Adult Undergraduate Scholarships

    Are you an Adult Undergraduate student and looking to save money? There are several scholarships available for continuing Adult Undergraduate students. The application process opens in March each...

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  • Two men discussing

    Graduate Scholarships

    New and returning graduate students who are pursuing a Master of Divinity are encouraged to apply for the The Donald B. Krause Scholarship. Other information about private scholarships can also be...

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  • Phantom of the Opera performance at Northwestern

    Theatre Scholarships

    Interested in majoring in Theatre? Scholarships for incoming Theatre Majors and Minors are awarded through a scholarship audition process. Find out more about dates and audition preparation...

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  • Violin players in concert

    Music Application and Scholarships

    Interested in pursuing a music major? The online Music Audition Application is required for new students who plan to major in music and also serves as the application for music scholarship...

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Outside Scholarships

Listed below are websites that offer information about private scholarship options. Northwestern is not connected to, nor does it endorse, the companies or the awards listed on the sites linked below. Legitimate companies never charge an application fee for the award they are offering and we do not recommend paying a company for the scholarship for which you are applying.
FastWEB is the largest and most complete scholarship search online.
The Smart Student Guide to Financial Aid
Twin Cities Adult Education Alliance scholarships.
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