portrait of Alex Rauch

Alex Rauch

Lead Student Academic Advisor, Dual Enrollment

Contact Information

Nazareth Hall, N4120
3003 Snelling Ave. N
St Paul, MN 55113


Alex grew up in Lino Lakes, Minnesota and earned his bachelor’s in Communication Studies at Winona State University. He is currently pursuing a Master’s of Ministry Leadership degree at the University of Northwestern. Outside of work he most enjoys spending time with his wife whether that day’s adventure includes walking, watching TV, eating good food, or seeing family. They love traveling to a couple of their favorite Minnesota lake getaways in Winona and Duluth.

Alex’s advice to incoming students is that college is a time to grow. The opportunities you’ll find are endless, so find a few things that interest you, try them out, and push yourself to learn something even in the challenging situations. He would also recommend finding a great ministry community to be a part of and serve in as that was his favorite part of his college years.

Alex advises students whose last name begin with G-K.

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