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Greg Winter

Adjunct Instructor

Greg has worked as a cinematographer for more than 30 years. His first feature film, Detective Fiction, directed by Patrick Coyle, was admitted to the 2003 Sundance Film Festival and subsequently distributed on the Sundance Channel and the Independent Film Channel. In 2004 Greg was the cinematographer for the independent project, Justice, a feature film directed by John Shulman and Jean-Marie Almonor, which was nominated for a 2005 NAACP Image Award and distributed to Black STARZ. The film was also used as a voter registration tool around the United States. In June 2005 Greg photographed Test Tube for director Ann Sorenson. A book he photographed about historic Minnesota quilts was nominated for a 2006 Minnesota Book Award. In September 2007 Greg completed Shared Sacrifice: Rock County in War, which focused on the experiences and impressions of Rock County residents during World War II. TPT included the film in the broadcast schedule around Ken Burns’s The War. In 2008 Greg shot The Egg Timer for director Emily Haddad, the IFP Fresh Filmmaker grant recipient.

He completed The Jingle Dress with director William Eigen in September of 2013. In July 2014 Greg completed photography on Robert in the Bedroom, a short on the subject of Alzheimer’s, for director Cynthia Uhrich, and Domestics, a feature film directed by John Shulman and Jean-Marie Almonor. In September of 2016 he split the cinematographer duties with Buck Holzemer on Charlie Griak's 2nd feature, Nina of the Woods. Greg recently collaborated again with Cynthia Uhrich on “Oh My Stars”, a short film written by regional author Lorna Landvik. In October of 2018 Greg worked again with Ann Sorenson, this time with students from UNWSP, on “My First Funeral”. He is currently engaged on a documentary about Patrick Scully, artist and choreographer, with director Mark Wojahn.

Greg works as a freelance Director/Cinematographer. He also teaches at University of St Thomas, University of Northwestern – St Paul, and Film North. Greg also served 20 years on the Minnesota Film & TV Board.

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