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Jason Draper, Ph.D.

Adjunct Instructor

Ph.D., organic chemistry, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver Canada

B.Sc., biology, Bethel University, Minnesota


Ph.D., organic chemistry, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver Canada

B.Sc., Biology, Bethel University, Minnesota

Teaching responsibilities

It’s my pleasure to teach lecture and laboratory courses primarily in organic chemistry.

Specialty areas

My areas of expertise include organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry (emphasis on antibacterial and antifungal agents), NMR spectroscopy, natural products chemistry including isolation and structure determination, insect pheromones, and flavor and fragrance chemistry.

Teaching philosophy:

In addition to the usual technical particulars, students in my courses can expect to receive training in identifying what constitutes reliable evidence, practice managing ambiguity in decision-making processes, and insight into the arbitrary boundary distinguishing natural from unnatural on the molecular scale.


Overview: Synthetic organic chemistry is an enabling science. It has created meaningful advances in medicine, materials, and humanity's fundamental understanding of the natural world through the preparation of intricate molecules originating in nature or our imaginations. It continues to offer abundant opportunities for exploration of methods that are increasingly selective, cost-efficient, scalable, environmentally benign, and in control of structure to such a fine degree as to confer on the target extraordinarily specific sets of physical and biochemical properties.

Primary Program: Designing and synthesizing antifungal/antibacterial compounds with mimicry of natural antimicrobial peptides (AMPs).

Secondary Project: Synthesis of aroma molecules originating in trees of severely limited supply.

Proposed Project: Synthesis of safranal by a [4+2] cycloaddition strategy.

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