portrait of Jordan Monson

Jordan Monson, M.Div., Ph.D. In Progress

Adjunct Instructor

Ph.D. Intercultural Studies | Trinity Evangelical Divinity School | 2018-

M.Div. (equivalence) | Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary | 2017-2018

M.A. Biblical Exegesis | Wheaton | 2013-2015

M.A. Applied Linguistics | University of North Dakota | 2013-

B.A. Spanish and Portuguese Studies | University of Minnesota | 2005-2009

I began my career as church planter in Pamplona, Spain. I then worked in Bible translation, teaching São Tomeans, Lusophone Africans, Brazilians, and Spanish-speaking Latin Americans to translate the Word of God for the first time in history into their local languages. I then came alongside them as a consultant to help their translations be as faithful as possible to the biblical languages.

I’m now the founding and senior pastor of Capital City Church in St. Paul and a Ph.D. candidate in Intercultural Studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. I’m ordained in the Evangelical Free Church of America.

My calling is to spend and be spent in forming, discipling, and teaching others as God conforms them to his image.

Research Interests:

  • Western bias in global Bible translation. How missionary Bible translators’ hermeneutics affect global Christian belief.
  • The Nazareth Manifesto (Luke 4:16-30) and its missiological usage, from Liberation Theologians to spiritualizers, and everything in between. Just what role does liberation for the oppressed, good news for the poor, and release for the captives take in Jesus’s mission and thus, our mission(s)?
  • Missionary calling(s) and the often-unbiblical cultural forces that drive them.
  • The rise of the city and its implications for missions, both at home and abroad.
  • Missionary psychology, health, and retention/burnout on the field.


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