Portrait of Joyce Ramsey

Joyce Ramsey

Faculty Level I Instructor

Joyce Ramsey is a Crown College graduate with a degree in both Christian Education and Music. She has been playing piano since age 5 and has been teaching piano part-time for over 30 years. She has a passion for teaching piano & does so part-time while working full-time in an office position. Her goal is to pass on her passion for playing piano to her students, knowing that you can continue to play piano long after you are able to participate in many sports.

Joyce has taught at the Academy of Music for over 20 years. She enjoys teaching people of all ages, ranging from 5 years up through the adult ages. In addition, Joyce plays in a handbell choir & sings in her church choir. She is an active member of the Association of Professional Piano Instructors (APPI) and is able to offer her piano students opportunities such as the APPI Piano/Composition Festival, Educational Field Trips, and a sight playing challenge each year.

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