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Lindsey Dammar

Graduate Level 1 Instructor

Lindsey Dammar is a 2013 graduate of University of Northwestern - St Paul, and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in General Music. Lindsey started taking piano lessons when she was seven years old, and even though she is not taking lessons at this time, she still enjoys playing for fun. Two of her piano instructors were Dr. Richard Lange, and his wife, Kim Lange. Lindsey also started taking voice lessons when she was twelve years old and continued to take them through her study at Northwestern; one of her voice teachers was Doreen Hutchings. She enjoys singing to her Savior as she walks around the island or anywhere at all. She loves to teach her students and enjoys watching them grow. She is also hoping to gain more experience and confidence in teaching voice lessons. She hopes to help each of her students to succeed, with the Lord's blessing and guidance as well.

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