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Career Communities Stories

We developed a searchable database of alumni and professionals to expand your network, explore careers, find clarity, and get help with job and internship opportunities.

Since networking is responsible for at least 85% of new jobs, UNW students need to connect with alumni and other professionals. Facilitating these connections is a top priority for Career Development at UNW.

We outlined 12 "communities" that alumni and professionals could join, such as Accounting & Finance, Engineering, Business & Leadership, Government & Nonprofit, as well as 12 possible activities, such as give career advice, be a speaker on a panel, review resumes, etc. So far, we've assembled 330+ alumni and professionals who have volunteered to be available for our students. Students and alumni are able to search the listings via a closed link available through Career Development for access to community members' photo, job title and employer, LinkedIn, and email.

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Benefits for Students:

  • Build connections with alumni and professionals in your field
  • Gain helpful industry-specific connections and advice
  • Obtain leads and referrals for internship and job opportunities
  • Cultivate potential mentoring relationships

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