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The Center for Global Programs is committed to enhance Northwestern's Christ-centered mission and vision by providing students cross-cultural learning, serving, and development opportunities domestically and around the world. We are dedicated to helping students find a program that meets their academic and personal goals while offering options that support spiritual growth and future career interests.
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There are options for all majors. The Center for Global Programs meets with students to research programs that are compatible with their academic and personal interests. The registrar's office, academic advisors, and department chairs work with students to pre-approve courses that can fulfill general curriculum and/or degree-specific requirements. 

To learn more about our study abroad programs, contact the Center for Global Programs.

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See more opportunities for spending a semester, a summer, or just a few weeks studying off-campus. Experience the world while earning your degree.

Frequently Asked Questions


Matriculated students 18 years or older, with a minimum GPA of 2.25 and one completed semester at Northwestern are eligible to study abroad.


With a home tuition model, students pay Northwestern tuition, room, and fees. Northwestern then remits the program costs directly to the program partners.

Financial Aid

Students may be considered for financial assistance for full-time off-campus study. In order to be considered for financial assistance (i.e., Federal and/or State) through University of Northwestern, the program must be recognized by the University, the student must have established at least one semester of enrollment on campus (two semesters on campus if the student desires to be considered for institutional aid), and the student must meet program qualifications. 

Students can use all of their Federal and State aid as long as they remain an enrolled Northwestern student. Some or full Northwestern institutional aid is available, depending on the requirements for the major. 


Students are responsible for travel costs for the majority of the programs.

Application Deadlines

The campus deadline is October 15th for all Spring Semester programs and March 15th for all Summer and Fall Semester programs. 

My [Spanish] host mom told me "We work to live and you live to work," I've decided I want to make sure to prioritize family and friends in my life over solely bettering myself.
Student, 2017
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