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Media Production

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Department of Communication

Media Production

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Undergraduate

125 credits

required for program

Minor Available

125 credits

125 credits

required for program

Minor Available

The Media Production major is home to the Media Entertainment Lab (the MEL) and is designed to prepare students not only for careers in traditional media such as radio, television, journalism, and film, but also in emerging paths like churches, ministries, production houses, small business, and Fortune 500 companies. As students pursue Christ, they pursue the creative craft of audio and video production, visual story-telling, writing, editing, producing, and on-air performance.

Media Production may be right for you if you

  • enjoy working with technology
  • are interested in writing
  • have a natural ability to be creative
  • editing audio or film recordings sounds fascinating to you
  • are interested in a career that explores various media platforms

Why study media production at Northwestern?

You’ll learn from experienced Christian professors to develop a critical understanding of media production. Our small classes allow Northwestern faculty members to mentor you towards a track that will best fit your strengths. While growing in faith and seeing God’s gifts flourish within you.

When you choose the radio & recording arts track you'll have the opportunity to study for a semester at the Contemporary Music Center (CMC) in Nashville, TN. When you choose the film & video track you'll have the opportunity to study for a semester at the Los Angeles Film Studies Center (LAFSC) in Los Angeles, CA.

With campus so close to Minneapolis and St. Paul, students can take advantage of opportunities in Minnesota’s thriving business and media production industries.

Northwestern media production alumni have found careers as anchors or hosting radio programs, managing, investigative reporting, and running their own production companies.

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Available Media Production Tracks

Careers in media production

There are a variety of career and academic pathways that begin with a degree in media production.

What types of work are related to this degree?

  • Programming and production
  • Television news casting
  • Directing
  • Media advertising and sales
  • Advertising production
  • Reporting
  • Public Relations
  • Producing and Editing
  • Promotions
  • Audience analysis
  • Audio, video, or television production support
  • Speech and copywriting
  • News Videography

Who employs people with this degree?

  • Internet-based companies
  • Companies specializing in webcasting services and technology
  • Nonprofits
  • Corporations
  • Public relations firms
  • Media outlets
  • Major networks
  • Web application companies
  • Government and corporations
  • Freelance or private video production companies or videographers
  • Universities and colleges

Strategies for success:

  • Internships are crucial for breaking into the field of electronic media and broadcasting. Complete as many internships as you can during college.
  • Develop excellent technical and computer skills, especially internet proficiency and knowledge.
  • Consider shadowing or informational interviewing as a means through which to gain information, develop contacts, build mentoring relationships, and gain entry into a competitive field.
  • Be willing to start at the bottom doing entry level tasks before moving up to larger markets or organizations.
  • Understand that geographic flexibility and a willingness to relocate are important in finding job opportunities.
  • Study all aspects of the industry and stay up-to-date through continuing education or training.
  • When conducting your job or internship search, consider searching for keywords such as software you are well-versed in (i.e. Final Cut Pro). This will produce positions you may not have thought to search for but will give you valuable experience.
  • Consider gaining experience in a corporation or non-profit. Many companies use media of all types to communicate internally and externally.
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of media production graduates found employment

The Remnant

is a student run radio station


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