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Department of Music & Theatre

Music Performance

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Department of Music & Theatre

Music Performance

  • Bachelor of Music
  • Undergraduate

131 - 138 credits

required for program

131 - 138 credits

131 - 138 credits

required for program

Prepare for a career as a professional musician, to pursue graduate studies in vocal, piano, or instrumental music performance, to teach private music lessons, or pursue other related careers.


of Northwestern music performance graduates felt professionally prepared by their education


often combine multiple income streams to experience fulfilling careers

3 tracks

in this degree: vocal, piano, instrumental


Entrance auditions are required for this major. Auditions are held during the spring semester. You must be admitted to both Northwestern and the Department of Music & Theatre in order to major in music. Please refer to the Music Admissions & Scholarships for audition requirements and dates.

Why study music performance at Northwestern?

Learn from highly credentialed music faculty, seasoned performers, noted educators, sought-after conductors, and acclaimed composers who are dedicated to your musical excellence.

You can participate in competitions and perform on regional, national, and international tours while building your education on Northwestern’s 115+ year history as a Christ-centered institution of higher learning. Christian faculty will help you to grow in your faith and your music.

All Northwestern music degrees hold accreditation by the National Association of Schools of Music, the principal U.S. accreditor for higher education in music.

With campus so close to downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul, students can take advantage of opportunities in Minnesota’s thriving music communities.

If you are disciplined, have a passion for performing, and are interested in a career in music, this might be the right degree for you.

What will you learn?

You will learn to analyze, think critically, and perform musically.

Some classes include:

  • Music Ensembles
  • Chamber Music
  • Private Lessons
  • Recital Hour
  • Music History
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I play the notes as they are written, but it is God who makes the music.
Johann Sebastian Bach

Careers in music performance

There are a variety of career and academic pathways that begin with a degree in music performance.

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Professors at Northwestern are focused on their students first. Our faculty include experts in their respective fields who want to help you grow in your faith while you earn your degree.

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