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Global and Local Engagement

There are countless ways to connect with those outside of Northwestern while building fellowship with other students. We offer immersive experiences globally and locally, encouraging students to gain experiential knowledge, connect with people different from themselves, take risks, and learn by stepping outside their day-to-day routines.

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Get equipped to impact the world

Global & Local Engagement exists to cultivate in Northwestern students a passion for the global and local community, an expanded worldview, and an active pursuit of justice in line with Christ’s teaching and God’s transformative power in the world.

 Initiatives hosted by the Global and Local Engagement team include:

  • Global Awareness Days – individual days dedicated to a particular area of global focus such as clean water, human trafficking, social justice, and Earth Day.
  • Global Awareness Week – a week set aside to learn from and meet representatives from organizations focused on the Great Commission and Great Commandments.
  • Local Involvement Opportunities – Our desire to be active participants in what God is doing around our world is strong, and Global & Local Engagement is excited to be the bridge between Northwestern students and a variety of service opportunities.

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