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UNW in Italy

Fulfill Your Cross Cultural Credit In Italy!

A Venice boat in a canal

Study four weeks in Italy with UNW Faculty!

Still need your core Art, Literature, and Cross Cultural credits? Take them in Italy!

Experience Italy by taking 2–6 Summer Credits in Literature, Fine Arts, Business, and Cross Cultural Studies abroad with some of the faculty of Northwestern.

This program is open to University of Northwestern – St. Paul students who are at least 18 years old and in good standing with the university. Students need to be enrolled in courses to participate.

What to Expect


  • May 17, 2022 to June 18, 2022
  • Travel expenses $5855, plus summer tuition credits for courses selected

The program offers the following courses for students to choose from:

  • ART2081 | Photography 1
  • ART3806 | Topics in Art History
  • BUS3235 | International Business
  • LIT2117 | The Golden Age of Italian Literature
  • IDS3825 | Honors Colloquium

In partnership with the Umbra Institute, students will:

  • Take classes in the quaint city of Perugia
  • Enjoy cultural excursions
  • Have an opportunity to learn everyday conversational phrases in Italian
  • Visit Rome, Perugia, Florence, and Venice

Want to learn more?

Please fill out the form, and we will contact you. 

    I am or will be a UNW student at the time of the trip. I am at least 18 years and in good standing with the University.

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    calendars in Florence
    view of Tuscany
    old arch in Rome
    countryside in Rome
    cathedrals in Florence
    Vatican statues in Rome
    river in Florence
    chalk art in the streets of Rome
    sunset over the river in Florence
    art being featured in the street
    bike in Florence
    Eataly in Florence
    paninis for sale in Italy
    cup filled with coffee
    exterior of the Colosseum
    tunnel going through a building with people walking in it
    Colosseum in Rome
    Trevi fountain in Rome
    flags on a window sill in Florence
    large outdoor cafe in Rome
    buildings in San Gimignano Italy
    chocolate shop in Florence
    pizzeria in Rome
    Pinocchio marionette puppets in Florence
    outdoor market in Rome
    line of Vespas
    carvings in the walls of the Colosseum
    outdoor fountain in Rome
    statue of Little David in Florence
    man walking up stairs in San Gimignano
    view of Rome
    Vatican statues in Rome
    ornate grate in Rome
    front of the Piazza in Rome
    market in Florence
    street hole in Florence
    bike leaning against a post in Rome
    view of Tuscany
    old mailbox in Florence
    car in Italy
    artist in San Gimignano
    Indoor market in Florence
    outside of the Pantheon in Rome
    inside of St Peters Basilica in Vatican city
    little vespas on a shelf
    drummers in the streets of Florence
    group of tourists viewing buildings

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