UNWRA Opportunities

The University of Northwestern Retirees Association offers many different opportunities and benefits available to members.

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Benefits of Membership

  • Free tickets to UNW music/theater and sporting events
  • On-going access to the Rock, UNW email, BRC
  • Audit UNW courses for free
  • Volunteer and mentoring opportunities
  • Monthly UNWRA eNewsletter
  • Access to UNWRA digital directory
  • Attend UNWRA Luncheons

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Hosting UNW Chinese students
  • Serving as a mentor – Career Development Center
  • Prayer partner

New Class Audit Policy for Retirees!

UNWRA members are eligible to audit a UNW undergraduate course for free!

Are you seeking a way to enrich your life in 2020?

Have you considered taking a university course to challenge and broaden your Christian worldview?

Want to take a course for fun?

No homework, no tests, no stress!

Check the UNW online course catalog for an undergraduate, traditional course of interest to you. Class schedules are available to the public at https://unwsp.edu/resources/registrar. Select “Class schedules”

  1. Select term you desire
  2. Select "Department"
  3. Review courses that still have openings

Guidelines for Auditing a Class:

  1. Approved retirees and spouses are allowed to audit courses without a tuition charge.
  2. A retiree auditing a course is not required to complete written assignments or take examinations. Extent and type of participation in the class is at the discretion of the professor.
  3. A retiree auditing a course may not replace a student taking the course for credit.
  4. Auditing is not permitted in physical education activity courses, theatre or dance technique courses, music performance courses, education courses numbered 3000 or above, courses offered in partnership with external organizations, or other courses so indicated in the course schedule at the discretion of the professor and with the approval of the department chair/assistant dean.
  5. If a UNW retiree has never been a UNW student, they will need to complete a special student (abbreviated application in Admissions) as this is the way such a person gets identified in Banner as a “student” in order for registration to take place. In the past, current employees who have audited a class, did not need to pay an application fee or an enrollment deposition, which would be the case with retirees as well.

Steps for Enrollment:

  1. Contact the Admissions Office at 651-631-5111 or admissions@unwsp.edu. They will send you a short application form and walk you through the process.
  2. Admissions will do a little data entry and then connect you with the Registrar’s office to help you sign up for their class.

Email tkowalik@unwsp.edu if you have any question.

New Chinese Student Hospitality Initiative

UNWRA members have an exciting opportunity to show the love of Christ through hospitality to the 18 Chinese students who currently attend the University of Northwestern. These 18 Chinese students are from Christian high schools in China. Jenny Yi, UNW Admissions Counselor, has been actively recruiting Chinese students over the past three years. A list of their names with contact information was printed and made available to members at the UNWRA luncheon.

Our goal is to have all 18 Chinese students invited into the homes of UNWRA members this year. You will have the opportunity to hear their unique stories of home, church and country. Likewise, they will have a chance to experience American food and culture while they hear your stories! You can even invite two or more students together so they will feel more comfortable coming to your home.

Don't forget to take photos of their visit with you and send them to Tim Kolwalik to post on the UNWRA eNewsletter.

If you would like to get connected with one or more of these students, please email Tim Kowalik at tkowalik@unwsp.edu. Tim will also be able to any questions you may have.


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