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Department of Interdisciplinary Studies

The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies motivates students to pursue a creative plan that develops their specific calling. We believe in the dynamic synergy that results when a Christian worldview permeates ideas from a variety of academic disciplines.

About the Department

In the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, we recognize that some students are called to serve God in unique ways. Students consult with faculty to design a comprehensive program of study that meets specific goals. This program is approved and supported by an advisory committee. The program may be a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree, depending on courses selected. Interdisciplinary programs include all fields of study except those programs under regulations established by outside agencies.
I knew that when I graduated I’d be walking out with a major that looked impressive, that showed I am a self-starter, and that my degree would really stand out.
Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, 2012
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    Interdisciplinary Studies Student Opportunities

    Learn more about completing your Interdisciplinary Studies with a capstone project.

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    Interdisciplinary Major Application

    Do you want to earn a degree and tailor your major to your specific needs? Apply now to the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies to get the degree that works for you.

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The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies is exciting because it gives students a chance to pursue their individual dreams. We’re able to talk to students about where they feel the Lord is leading them and able to help them on their path. Every interdisciplinary student completes a capstone experience that is specifically designed to help them meet their career goals. These capstone experiences open doors for students to take their next step after graduation!
Chair, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies
Senior Dean, Academic Administration
Professor of ESL Education & Linguistics
Majors and Programs

The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies offers a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies that can be tailored to provide a quality, comprehensive academic experience for students with academic aspirations not served by any other academic department. This degree will prepare you for endless opportunities to serve the Lord. Majors created by students include International Leadership & Criminal Justice, Life Sciences & Spanish, Linguistics & Ancient Languages, Performing Arts Ministry, Philosophical/Literary Studies, Philosophy & Islamic Studies, Political Science and American History, and Writing & Directing Theatre/Film.

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Our caring Christian faculty are here to help you pursue your passions and grown in your faith to better serve where God has called you.
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