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Undergraduate Scholarships

Are you a traditional undergraduate student in search of a scholarship to help pay your tuition? Find out more about what scholarships are available to you and how much money you could potentially save.

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Scholarships for first-time college students

Annual, Renewable

Freshmen scholarships are based on the student's unweighted high school GPA and scores received on the ACT, SAT, and/or CLT exams. Students who have earned college credits in high school are still considered freshmen for scholarship purposes. The names and amounts for the following scholarships are effective for new Northwestern students enrolling in fall 2021. Financial Aid recipients prior to fall 2021 are governed by the scholarships names and amounts awarded when they enrolled.

Scholarships for transfer students

Annual, Renewable

Transfer students who have earned college credit from a different college or university after graduating from high school are eligible for the transfer scholarship. The names, awarding criteria and amounts for the following scholarships are effective for new Northwestern transfer students enrolling in fall 2021. Financial Aid recipients prior to fall 2021 are governed by the scholarship names, criteria and amounts when they enrolled.

Scholarship Amounts
for Fall 2021

  • Presidential: $13,000
  • Deans Scholarship: $11,000
  • Faculty Scholarship: $9,000
  • Founders Scholarship: $7,000
  • Directors Grant: $4,000

Scholarship awards are prorated for students taking less than a full-time credit load (12+). Undergraduate Online Learning course credits do not apply.

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Eagle Scholars Honors Scholarship

Annual, Renewable

Northwestern's honors program is designed to challenge high-ability students to greater academic achievement. To apply, new students admitted to Northwestern must have an ACT composite score of 28 or higher, an SAT score of 1330 or higher, a CLT score of 88 or higher, OR a high school GPA of at least 3.90 with evidence of advanced study (college preparatory curriculum, AP coursework, early college/concurrent enrollment/Post-Secondary Enrollment Option, etc.).

Applications are due November 1. View the application page for current due date and application instructions. The scholarship is renewable annually with successful involvement in the Honors Program, including a cumulative college GPA of 3.65 or higher.

Leadership Award: $3,000

Annual, Renewable

These competitive four-year awards are presented each year to incoming new and transfer students who demonstrate leadership potential as indicated through the scholarship application process.

The Leadership Award Application for the 2021 school year is open now. 

Music Scholarship: Up to $8,000

Annual, Renewable

Merit-based music scholarships are available to music majors/minors and music ensemble participants; to both new and continuing students typically ranging from $1,000–$8,000 annually. In addition, selected students receive a renewable $1,500 UNW Music Grant that can offset private lesson study at UNW. New students are awarded scholarships through the music audition application process. Returning students apply online through a hyperlink sent from music office staff.

More information can be found in Music Application and Scholarship or call the Department of Music & Theatre at (651) 631-5218 or (888) 878-5514.

Theatre Arts Scholarship: Up to $4,000

Annual, Renewable

Scholarships are awarded each year to incoming theatre majors and minors through an audition process each spring. These awards carry the expectation of active involvement on stage and/or backstage.

View the Theatre Scholarship Information for further details or contact theatre arts at (651) 286-7536 or via email at theatre@unwsp.edu.

Act Six Scholarship Program (High School Seniors Only): Full tuition and fees

Full-tuition and fees

An initiative of Urban Ventures, Act Six is Minneapolis and St. Paul’s only full-tuition, full-need urban leadership award. Act Six seeks to develop urban and community leaders to be agents of transformation on campus and in their home communities. Seven students were selected by the Act Six program as emerging urban and community leaders to receive scholarships to attend University of Northwestern through the Act Six program for the 2020-21 academic year. 

Students must complete the FAFSA each year to receive this scholarship. UNW will offer the Act Six Scholarship to up to one new Minnesota Dream Act student per year. The Minnesota Dream Act application must be received and approved by February 1.

Learn more about the Act Six Scholarship Program and find out about applying online. This scholarship is only available to high school seniors going into their first year of college. Act Six applications are due to Urban Ventures in November, prior to the year the student is applying to college.

Endowed Scholarships for Continuing Students: $500 or more

$500 and up

Students who have attended at least one semester at Northwestern and have a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher will be considered. Students fill out an online scholarship application to apply for these awards. Awards are announced in April and are made the following Fall and Spring semesters. You must apply for these scholarships each year.

Ministry scholarships

Northwestern awards approximately fifty scholarships annually to currently enrolled ministry majors. These scholarships are in addition to the financial aid package that students normally receive from Northwestern when they apply. We are blessed by approximately 20 scholarship and memorial funds that have been established for the express purpose of blessing ministry majors. Current students apply using the Endowed Scholarship process discussed above.

Private scholarships

While outside scholarship searching takes time, it has the potential to earn you thousands in just a few hours. Jump-start your private scholarship search here.

Practical Tips to Pay for College
Private Scholarship Web Resources

International students

Most international students are not eligible to receive state or federal assistance. However, if you are a traditional undergraduate student, you can fill out the International Student Financial Assistance Application to pursue eligibility for various forms of Northwestern aid based on previous academic achievements. The application deadline is June 1. International students may also qualify for up to 20 hours of work on campus per week.

International student financial assistance application

International Students must complete this form to receive financial assistance to attend University of Northwestern. Funds are awarded on the basis of financial need and is for students seeking a traditional undergraduate degree who are not resident aliens.

2019-20 International Student Financial Assistance Application

Cureton Scholars Grant

A premier, Christ-centered college education can be affordable to you. The Cureton Scholars Grant is a financial award of 75 percent of tuition cost* (including federal and state grants). *Not including room and board cost.

View the Cureton Scholars Grant for further details.

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