Institutional Review Board

Any research that involves human participants must be approved by the institutional review board. Learn more about the process, including requirements and contact information.
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The Office of Human Research Protection, Division of the Department of Health and Human Services, requires that any research involving human participants be approved by an Institutional Review Board. In compliance with these regulations and institutional policy, all students, staff, or faculty intending to conduct research involving human participants must first receive approval from the University of Northwestern’s Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Any questions should be directed to Dr. Don F. Johnson (, 651-631-5693, office N3145).

IRB Approval Process

View a PowerPoint Training detailing the IRB requirements.

Once you've viewed the training, complete the IRB Certification Form to certify your completion.

Prior to conducting any research, complete the IRB Application and submit it electronically to Dr. Don F. Johnson at

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    IRB Training Certification

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